The Importance of Keeping Credential Data Safe

One of the most important things anyone can do when they work in the medical field is to keep their credentials close at hand so that nobody can steal their information and sign onto secure systems with them. Medical personnel will often have privileged access to secure information, so keeping that information secure is vital.

There are several ways you can keep your important credentials safe and away from prying eyes. Think about some of the following tips to keep your information secure.

Don’t Share Your Credentials With Anyone

The first thing you should always remember is to always keep your important credentials to yourself. Malicious actors like to employ “social engineering” tricks to try to get to people to give them their privileged logins, but you should never give this info out to anybody. For security’s sake, don’t ever just give your information out to people who ask for it.

Keep Them in Your Mind

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Many well-intentioned people will write down their passwords so they don’t easily forget them, but this can be a terrible security practice that can lead to someone else having your credentials. Never write your important information down where others can easily find it. If you can, memorize the information so you aren’t having to write it down.

If you absolutely must write your information down on a physical medium, make sure it is kept somewhere accessible only by you, such as in a safe or a locked drawer.

Use Specialized Software

There are some software applications available now that can help you securely store your passwords in ways that are only accessible by you, and stored in encrypted formats so that malicious actors can’t get their hands on them. You can use password managers or dedicated medical credentialing software to keep your information close at hand.

Keep it to Yourself

The most important thing you can do to keep your credentials safe is to simply keep them to yourself. Use these methods to keep them accessible only to you, never share them with anyone else, and they should be protected and away from those who don’t need them. You don’t want anybody posing as you with your credentials, so make sure to always keep them under lock and key.