What Does It Mean When You Are Incontinent?

Doe this mean that you are traveling from one continent to another? No, it does not. Does this mean that you are not happy with yourself? No, it does not. Oh but wait a moment, let’s reexamine this question once more. So, let’s start again. Does this mean that you are not happy with yourself? Indeed, it could mean just that. It could mean that there are aspects of your body, your physical well-being, that you are not content with.

In fact, it could mean that you are feeling quite uncomfortable at this time. Indeed, the more regular your incontinence, the more discomforting it will be. The more uncomfortable you will be feeling. Fortunately, though, there is help at hand. Incontinence treatment deals with the patient’s inability to control himself. Now, does this mean that he might be going crazy and may wish to refer himself to a psychiatrist?

Incontinence treatment

No, not at all.

But he is growing frustrated. For instance, it feels as though he wants to go to the bathroom, and this is starting to happen a lot, but by the time he gets there, nothing happens. Who wouldn’t be frustrated in a condition like this? And this is bad. There are those who do not at any time realize the need to go, and just go. Their bowels or bladder just let’s go. The humiliation and sheer unhappiness is bad enough but the health risks could be more severe if the incontinence is not treated on the spot.

Fortunately for all folks in this condition, there is not much to fear. There may well be no need for surgery or the removal of vital parts, but there are clinical solutions. Short term and long term.