What To Do When You Hurt Your Hand

There are many parts of the body that we use on a daily basis to do day to day tasks.  We use our hands for writing, our feet for walking and our legs for moving around.  When we get an injury to our bodies it will begin to change the way that we do our day to day tasks.  For those suffering from a hand injury, you will want to follow the following steps to ensure that you can regain full control of your hands.

Reduce swelling

The first step is to reduce swelling.  Swelling is a sign that your body is starting to attack the damaged tissue in your body and attempting to repair it.  To reduce swelling you can place ice on your hand.  You can take an anti-inflammatory medication and you can eat foods that help to reduce inflammation. 

Check for broken bones and other injuries

After you start to reduce swelling it will be possible to check for broken or fractured bones.  You want to be careful that you don’t enhance the injuries while doing this, but once you know if something is broken it can be set and wrapped so it can become immobile.

hand injury

Reduce the pain

When you break a body part, the nerves in your body will start to fire off.  This is a good thing; it means that there is life left in that part of the body.  If you didn’t feel pain, then that part of the body is dead and dying and could result in amputation or other medical procedures.

When reducing pain, we are helping to block the signals that are going from your body to your brain.  When we block these signals, we are able to move on and take actions to heal.  If we can’t take these actions, we could do other tasks or motions that could result in further injuries.